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JSC TANECO a modern company of Russian Petroleum Refining industry within PJSC Tatneft group of companies, which is of strategic importance for development of Tatarstan economy.

The implementation of Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex in Nizhnekamsk was initiated in 2005 by the Republic of Tatarstan Government and aimed to strengthen the domestic Refining industry and create advanced technologies for marketable oil products production. JSC TANECO is one of the huge investment and industrial grass root project over the last 30 years which was constructed on the territory of the former Soviet Union. Project investor PJSC Tatneft arranged the financing by means of own and borrowed funds. Besides, private-public partnership was applied during construction of Complex external transport infrastructure. The Project is implemented on step by step base under the conditions when engineering is combined with the procurement and construction characterized by early production facilities start up.

The first stage of the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex was put into operation in December 2011. Achievement by JSC TANECO the design capacity, that is 7 mln. tons of crude oil, provided Tatarstan the possibility to rank 6th within the regions of Russia in terms of oil refining capacities.

In 2013 fulfilled revamping works on CDU-VDU -7 allowed to increase the capacity of the mentioned Unit up to 115 %. Thanks to this strategic Project, JSC Tatneft became a leader among the other Russian oil refineries as per units capacities.

The construction of the combined Hydrocracking unit was still in progress while the 1st Start up Complex design capacities had been reached. Hydrocracker competitive advantage is combined production of base lube oils group III. Commercial unit application started in March 2014, the unit was completed in record-breaking time for Russian oil refining industry within 4 years. The Unit is designed for annual processing of 2,9 mln. tons of crude mixture and production of diesel fuel Euro 5, jet kero and hydrotreated gasoil.

As of today JSC TANECO has achieved operational indicators which exceed the industry-wide values.

Plans of JSC Tatneft groups of companies management call for achievement of synergistic effect from the further TANECO Project implementation. With the completion of Delayed Coker construction which is scheduled for 2015 JSC TANECO will fully exclude the output of heavy oil products. It is planning to utilize coke derived on the Delayed Coking Unit as a feed on Nizhnekamsk Power Station. It is feasible both from economical point of view and what is more important from ecological point. The double effect will allow to save natural gas for JSC TANECO and solve the issue regarding handling of coke.

On the XIVth Oil Summit carried out in Tatarstan in July, 2014 the decision to include JSC TANECO in the Russian Energy Strategy developed up to 2035 was declared.

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