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Working on realization of the Unique and Large-scale Oil Refining and Petrochemical Complex JSC TANECO Management's heighten attention is attended on improving of Company's employees living conditions, their health, everyday life, leisure and other social matters.

JSC TANECO Management is socially responsible for each specialist of the Company to its considerable extent. The Company's social policy based on PJSC Tatneft many-years experience is aimed at involvement and retention of highly qualified personnel. It is directed to provision of favorable working conditions, leisure, housing and medical services for Company personnel and members of their family.

JSC TANECO team works in a well furnished building with a canteen for 108 seats.

Stable salary, material aids and various benefits for Company personnel and members of their family are the key Social Policy provisions specified in the Employment Contract which is annually concluded between labor collective and Company's management. Within the frame of the contract execution the Company provides financial help to pensioners, former workers of the company, and large families. The close attention is paid to the support of young families; they are provided with one time compensation on the occasion of their marriage registration or child's birth and interest-free loans for essential goods purchase. The loans are also given to the employers who want to get an additional professional education with no time off the work. In JSC TANECO there are successfully acting trade, youth and veteran unions working closely with PJSC Tatneft company organizations. Artistic and mass sport activities are regularly arranged for Company personnel. They are happy to participate in Corporate and town artistic contests, sport competitions held within the frame of Sport and Artistic Period. Winners of such contests, competitions and festivals are encouraged with gifts and money awards. But there is another aspect that is more appreciated by participants of these activities. Spending the time together either in concerts or sport gyms, swimming pools or outdoor Company personnel obtains a great chance to communicate and establish warm and friendly relations with colleagues that will in consequence strengthen corporate spirit of Company. Sport activities arranged by the Company provide Personnel health improvement. JSC TANECO personnel and members of their family are provided with an access to sport gyms and swimming pools rented by the Company in our town. The key event during Company social programs realization is Sanatorium-Preventorium Shifaly construction completion in 2005. It is acknowledged to be one of the best not only in our region but in Tatarstan Republic. Shifaly therapeutic block rendering 39 kinds of services based on classical and non-traditional medicine is fitted with unique and multifunctional equipment from Holland, Germany, USA and Russia. This equipment is selected in accordance with specificity of the diseases which are more frequent in Nizhnekamsk industrial region. Shifaly is designed to accommodate 140 guests at one time. Comfortable rooms are furnished in accordance with the latest modern standards and do not fail to meet European hotels requirements. It is worth noting that every year each JSC TANECO specialist is provided with a voucher to this fascinating health resort. Besides, the children of our employees spend their summer holidays in the best recreation bases and fitness camps of PJSC Tatneft, the excellent pupils are awarded with the trip ticket to the Black sea.

The company Tatneft decided the social issues together with the production issues from the first days of the construction beginning. The unique possibility was created to provide affordable and comfortable housing to all the workers and the specialists involved in the Project. Today TANECO possesses the following:

- 7 houses of total area 122 thousand m2;

- kindergarten of 280 places;

- modern sanatorium-preventorium of 140 places.

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